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Manual project template using XCode 4.2

On my previous post, I modified the initial code in xcode template in order to make it support iOS 3.1.3. When i create a new project, i want to have that template on initial state. So i was thinking to create a project template in XCode. Unfortunately, i found it very difficult to create custom project template in XCode 4.2. ...

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How to code using XCode 4.2 that support iOS 3.1.3

Actually, XCode 4.2 doesn’t support iOS 3.1.3 for simulator. But it can be used to deploy into iOS 3.1.3 device. I like to use XCode 4.2 to develop the code because it has better interface and ‘Interface Builder’ already built in there. Here is what i did :

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How to develop on jailbroken iPhoneOS 3.1.3 using XCode 3.2.1

Hey there! I was exciting with my jailbroken iPhone 3.1.3 and even more excited that I can develop on it. In this post i’ll share how to develop on it using XCode 3.2.1 (or XCode 4.2) without provisioning profile. This tutorial I combine from networkpx Project Blog and alexwhittemore blog as i couldn’t make it works by following full step ...

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