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How to check if someone blocked you on whatsapp


check if someone blocked you on whatsapp – Have you experienced that your friend (a contact in whatsapp) seems to have disappeared on WhatsApp? you are not able to contact her/him on whatsapp ? and your message not delivered for a long time? You might have been blocked by him. Due to Whatsapp’s privacy policy, Whatsapp will not tell you if someone ...

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How to send WhatsApp to yourself

send whatsapp to yourself

How to send whatsapp to yourself – A while ago a friend of mine just realised that he seems not be able to send whatsapp message to himself. So he asked me if it possible to send whatsapp message to ourself ?. It aroused my curiosity to find out the answer. I searched it on the internet and… yes, it is ...

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How to open WhatsApp on computer

Whatsapp on computer

How to open whatsapp on computer – Now Whatsapp can be opened on computer pc or laptop using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera web browser. Whatsapp company officially has released new feature Whatsapp Web version and desktop version to enable user open whatsapp on computer. This article will explain how to use this feature to open whatsapp on computer along with ...

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Important things you need to know about WhatsApp check marks

WhatsApp check marks

WhatsApp check marks – Recently WhatsApp introduced the new featured that showed check marks next to messages to indicate the status of the message which the sender able to know if the message has been sent, delivered or read already. But many people apparently not aware of this feature  and conversely,for those who already know, sometime they don’t want to ...

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