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Microsoft Helps Mac Users To Leave Evernote for OneNote

Microsoft is now helping Mac users to get their notes out of Evernote and into its OneNote note-taking service easily. Microsoft has released a new app called the OneNote Importer tool, which allows Mac users to move all their saved items from the Evernote to OneNote automatically. The importer tool requires users to run OS X El Capitan, the latest version of Mac Operating System, and have all of the Evernote files they want to import already sitting on their computers.

In March , Microsoft released a tool to help Windows users easily transfer all their data from Evernote to its own OneNote service, and now it’s offering the same capability to Mac users.

“Following the great feedback we received, we want to help even more people make the move,” OneNote Product Marketing Manager Scott Shapiro wrote in a blog post. “You may feel hesitant about moving all your notes from a place you know to a new online home. Don’t worry, the Importer tool makes moving day easy.”

Plus, Microsoft points out that OneNote also has a web clipper like Evernote’s, which works across all major browsers. The software also supports typing, inking, embedding videos, recording audio, and digital scans, too

The Mac importer comes after Microsoft launched an identical importer for Windows last March. Users have imported 71 million Evernote pages into OneNote since that time, OneNote team said. It is not clear just how many users that adds up to, or just how many of those people have chosen to switch from Evernote to OneNote full-time. In addition, they used their announcement as a sales page for Office 365 with some pretty salient reasoning. They point out that Evernote premium costs $7.99 monthly. But the cost of Office 365 Personal is merely $6.99 monthly. And with Office 365 personal you get most of Office 365’s apps, and 1 TB of cloud storage space in OneDrive.

Both services also let you share content with others and save content from the Web. But, with Evernote you’ll need a paid subscription to do things like save email into your notes and digitize business cards, features that are available for free in OneNote, Microsoft said.

To get the Evernote to OneNote importer tool, you can click here.  For more information and step-by-step instructions to ease your migration, be sure to visit Microsoft’s support page.

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