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How to Meet New People Using LINE – People Nearby

Nowadays, instant messaging apps are designed not only to give users ability to send text messages, but it also offer users ability to send picture, make a voice call, taking photo using the apps, and social options.

LINE is a communication application which allow users to make Free calls and send instane messages to other users. This app currently has over 350 million of users from all over the globe.

LINE has many features included and it also has an user-friendly interface making it easy for user to maneuver around the app. It has sections such as : chat, timeline and friends. There is also a section called ‘More’. In ‘More’ section you can find the various games available and also stickers for your chat messages. Recently, LINE added ‘People Nearby’ feature which enable you to add new friends who live near you. The ‘People Nearby’ feature enables you to search for LINE users in nearby locations. This is a great way to make new friends and socialize with people who live near you.

Step to use ‘People Nearby’ feature using LINE :

  1. You need to have LINE ver 6.5  or higher.
  2. Go to ‘More’ section and choose ‘People Nearby’. You need to activate GPS to use this feature and allow LINE to access it.
    Line people nearby
  3. After wait for a moment, the list of 100 other LINE users who live near you will appear. You need to ‘Send Friend Request’ and wait for his/her approval to able chat with other LINE users
    Line people nearby
  4. You also can deactivate ‘People Nearby’ feature by click gear icon on top-right.

That’s all the simple step to use ‘People Nearby’ feature. Try it now, find the people nearby in your location and have fun. 🙂



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