About EvenBright

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Evenbright is a technology blog that mainly focuses on internet, computer and gadget technology. The website is maintained by Thomas G. His aim is to provide readers with high quality, relevant and correct information in the field of Information Technology.

Evenbright covers tips and tricks on software, web technologies, social media, programming and many more. We are hoping this website empowers and inspires people around the world. Feel free to communicate with us through our Contact Us page.


About Thomas G:

Founder and Author of Evenbright


Thomas G is a self learner and an experienced Software Engineer for more than 10 years. Currently he is working as a Senior Software Developer in a travel company and spend most of his time in front of his laptop. He is very passionate about technology and blogging. His area of interests are Programming, Web/Internet and how to tweak a software (for learning purpose only).

Apart from technology and blogging, other things he likes are chess, playing piano, photography and learning something new.