How to reset root password on Mac OSX

Last time I got my Mac and set root password on it. After a while I forgot the password when I need to set the system. Luckily, I found the easy step to reset the password without mac osx boot dvd.
today I’ll share how to reset root password (or any user password) on Mac OSX with simple step.
NOTE : I tried this on Mac OSX Snow leopard. Other version i’m not sure if it works.

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Manual project template using XCode 4.2

On my previous post, I modified the initial code in xcode template in order to make it support iOS 3.1.3. When i create a new project, i want to have that template on initial state. So i was thinking to create a project template in XCode. Unfortunately, i found it very difficult to create custom project template in XCode 4.2. So, i came up with the simple way to make it (later i’ll come back with the step to create a real custom project template in Xcode 4). Here is the currently steps that i did :

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How to develop on jailbroken iPhoneOS 3.1.3 using XCode 3.2.1

Hey there! I was exciting with my jailbroken iPhone 3.1.3 and even more excited that I can develop on it. In this post i’ll share how to develop on it using XCode 3.2.1 (or XCode 4.2) without provisioning profile.
This tutorial I combine from networkpx Project Blog and alexwhittemore blog as i couldn’t make it works by following full step of either one of those blog. Ok, this is the step that i did :

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Jailbreaking is now LEGAL???

Good news for hackers! Jailbreaking is no longer an illegal practice in US! The Library of Congress had recently approved the exemption of some 1998 Federal Laws that finally allowed jailbreaking practice for all smartphones. It means now you can legally jailbreak and unlock your iPhone!!

Downloading and installing “illegal” applications is now legal as well. You can also legally make your phone to work on another carrier, and break some security protections on any applications in order to “correct the security flaws”.